Itai Shamir

Journey to your best life

From professional to personal relationships there’s a lot within us to explore and it would be my pleasure to be a part of this journey of discover. While the main focus areas include personal growth, healthy relationships, and building lasting connections, I look forward to hearing your story and begin our cooperation.


Personal Growth

Working together on certain aspects of your life where you might feel stuck, overwhelmed or unhappy, we can build up your self esteem and confidence, and discover other skills to move you forward to an ideal anabolic happy place.

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Healthy Relationships

You might be in a relationship where you feel stuck and conflicted between your love to your spouse, partner, significant other, and how you truly might feel inside, even feelings of unhappiness. We can work together to identify what is blocking you, and how you can find the happiness and satisfaction you truly deserve.


Lasting Connections

You might be struggling to find love and intimacy, especially in the big city, but we can work together to identify some skills that will help you approach others, and potentially find that love and relationship you are craving for, and bring out the happy person in you.

Complimentary Strategy Session

FREE | 50min

Let’s get to first know each other and strategize! I will send you a short simple chart to complete, and once you send it back to me, we can meet in person or via a video conferencing system to discuss and see where you currently are in life, where you feel stuck, and where you might not be feeling you are living your best life. I will tell you more about myself, and how coaching has helped me. You can then decide whether or not you want to continue this partnership between us, and go on this journey together.



Let’s first begin by getting to know each other and coming up with a plan that is personally customized according to your personal needs. Contact us for a free complimentary strategy session and after that let’s discuss possibilities moving forward.

Let’s Dive In

189 USD | 90 min

During this session, we will get to know each other, discuss your Wheel of Life, and I will get to better understand where you currently are, where you might feel stuck and unsatisfied in your life, and help you understand where your current energy is, and how we can elevate it to a place that brings you more happiness and self fulfillment. This session also includes the industry acclaimed iPEC Energy Leadership Assessment (assessment alone is normally valued at $189 USD).

Living Your Best Life

792 USD | 8 Sessions

Following your Let’s Get to Know Each-other complimentary session or your Let’s Dive In one, and now that we are taking this journey together, we can better explore what is going on in your life, what has been holding you back, where you struggle to find satisfaction and fulfillment, and what actions we can take to move forward and achieve long-lasting results. Normally, I suggest to purchase a package of 8 sessions, and use it within three months. During this time, you have my full support via email, text and phone.

  • Add-on: Energy Leadership Assessment - 149 USD
  • Add-on: single session (up to 4 sessions) - 112 USD